Friday, June 12, 2009

Rafting Down Sg Sematan and Sg Pahang in 1975

I looked back at my old photo albums and found some of these old photos. It was one of the expeditions that I went in Dec 1974 and the trip was a rafting expedition down the semantan river starting from a small village called Kg Mempateh. It took us a few days to cut the bamboo at Bukit Tinggi and when the rafts were built we realised we needed more bouyancy. After alot of brainstorming we came out with our Air Scouts designed rafts as in the picture.
It was hard work using bare muscles to get the drums attached to the rafts. I managed to get hold of my father who was working as a carpenter to come over with a big strapper to strengthen the rafts. When he saw the swollen river due to the annual flooding he was most unhappy that we decided to continue the journey.

Ahh.smooth sailing again.

After another accident for speeding round the river bends, the rafts had to be repaired again.

Look at how the river has swollen due to the floods. The level has rose about 15 ft! Anyway, we managed to make it to Temerloh after roughing it out for 2 days.

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