Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Maxi 77 Yacht (1996 to 2002)

The Maxi 77 yacht was designed by Pelle Pettersons an Olympic Champion sailor. This yacht was initially built in Sweden. Towards the mid 80s a company in Singapore started to manufacture under licence the Maxi 77. Over 3500 units of these fine sailing yachts had been built. After I had sold off my twin engine rescue boat in 1996 I decided to get another sailing yacht and this time I bought a "pre loved" Maxi 77. The Hull number is 2988 and it comes with a Volvo Penta diesel engine.

This is how my boat looks like. The Navy in Tg Gelang has a yacht club and I had been a member since it was formed. This time I decided to moor my boat at the Navy Yacht Club in Tg Gelang

Owning a boat involves a little bit of work if you do not want to spend a lot of money.

This is not an airship but the undersurface of my boat. The photo was taken after a bottom job and I had to hire a crane to lift it down again. Notice the mass of the ballast at the bottom of the keel. It makes the boat very stable but at the same time if you go aground it acts like a big anchor!

The previous owner of the boat (a German) Mr H Heyer named the boat "Moin Moin" but when I bought it I renamed it "CAKRA MADA". If anyone of you can guess the meaning of this name I will give you a present!

When I have time to wait and if I want to save money, I will dry the boat out in a specially constructed dry out area in the Navy Base. Easy. Just wait for the tide to go down, work on the boat then wait for the tide again. Save RM 400.00 on crane charges!

I always take my son Alwin along and he enjoys catching the small fishes near the boat. This picture was taken 13 years ago.

That is my son Alwin on Cakra Mada in 1997
RM 400 per lift in 1996 when diesel was 60 cts per liter. I will be blogging about some of the adventures I had on Cakra Mada later.


  1. Yoho Capt! What a start! Nothing like a blog to capture, record, and chronicle your good life. What is a handsome face without a mirror? What is a good life without a blog to reflect it? Nice name too! The python is a symbol of strength, quiet dignity and a laidback life ... after working hard to ingest its prey!

  2. Zak,
    Actually Pythonjoe was my nickname when I was a scout leader. To my mates of that era, I am still a pythonjoe!

  3. HI,I am Marco from Belgium and have a maxi 77 named OK LA in Phuket.
    I now sail the boat for 4 years along the islands of Thailands west coast.
    Do you maybe know if you ever have to change the bolds that hold the keel on to the hull??I think mine have never been replaced and i see a little rust marks around them inside the boat.
    Hope you enjoy your maxi 77 like i do,i have lots of fun with her and am Going to sail half november for 6 weeks to Similan, Surin islands and maybe Mergui archipelago in Burma.

  4. OK LA was a Singapore based Maxi 77. Regarding about your concerns about the bolts holding the keel I had the same concerns too. What worries me is the keel having to support the bulb of about one tonne...I shifted to catamarans after a few grounding incidents.

  5. That's a nice boat. If I had something like that, I'd take care of it and sail it around the world, hehe. So how is it now? I hope it's still in tiptop shape.

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  7. Hi-I too have a maxi 77 which I sail in the Long Island Sound outside New York City. I'm doing some keel work before I put the boat back in the water but I would like to know the composition of the keel. Is it lead or iron? MIke