Thursday, June 11, 2009

Canoeing Down Dungun River

I had wanted to make a canoeing trip down the Sg Dungun river from Kg Pasir Raja to the Dungun rivermouth. We had been "messing around" this area many times ..both to Cemerong waterfall nearby and to Pasir Raja. The river here is so inviting with its untouched sand banks and relatively fast flowing water. So....I managed to get hold of Cheong, Min Chee, Robin and KC Wan to come along. I own a Pelican Dare Devil canoe (which I bought for my wife as a birthday present about 10 years ago) but the rest of the guys have no canoe. Our masterboat builder Robin Tan quickly built a Red Indian canoe within a few days but by the time we started our trip, KC 's boat was still not ready!

We were supposed to meet on 5 Jun 2009 at lunch time but it was delayed for another 24 hours. The meeting did not take place until 7 PM on 6 Jun 2009 due to various technical reasons of which was following the Garmin GPS to the meeting point which resulted in extra 50 km of travelling!

No problem..we are on holidays so instead of starting at Kg Pasir Raja, we drove to Kuala Jengal which is near where we were supposed to camp for the first night.

The golden sand bank at Kuala Jengal where we launched our canoes after a night of camping .

Min Chee doing the "war dance" to please the River Gods on the night before the start of the trip

And Robin Tan had to do some last minute sanding of the canoe that he built . This boat is named "Pocahontas 1" or P1 in short. notice how slim her waist line is! Like a lady with a slim waist line, she will be difficult to handle!

Myself on my Pelican Dare Devil. This is a Canadian built PE boat. It has a broad 40 inch waist line and is a joy to handle. The extra comfort makes up for the lack of speed.

Now..if only we have a can of coke ...

KC Wan looking very wise

Cheong busy at work

Robin thinking very hard how to increase the stability of his creation

Min Chee thinking how to improve his Red Indian Canoe

A fish trap

I told you this is a fast boat!

Finally we arrived .
We paddled a total of 28.5 km on the first leg to Jerangau and from Jerangau we did another 20 km to Kg Kemudi near to Dungun before we called it a day. by then it was getting dark and the tide was coming in. It will be another long drive for my friends back to KL to work next day.

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