Friday, June 26, 2009

Mountain Biking to Jeram Tanduk and Jeram Kota

This area is also another of my backyard playground. The mountain streams around the mountains of Air Puteh are very refreshing and very often when I have suitable friends around we will be off to this area for a few days of camping and fishing. The much sought after ikan kelah can still be caught but the number and size has been reducing due to human greed.I have also canoed down the rivers several times. Today is I am off from flying so I took my mountain bike and cycled to the two Jerams that are in Sungei Nipah. Sungei Nipah is about 20 km long and it is one of the tributaries of the main Kemaman River .

Kg Air Puteh is 30 Km from Kemaman town and is the starting point of the trips to the Jerams and waterfalls.Last month I cycled from Chukai to Air Puteh and back on my folding bike (65 km) so today I skipped the "good road" portion and drove to Kg Air Puteh to start the journey.
There is a sign board just at the village that shows the distance to the waterfall. All the roads are timber tracks . If it rains the tracks are slippery.
Today is Friday so there is a Pasar Minggu on the main street of Kg Air Puteh.
Just at the end of the street is a junction turning to the right, This trail leads to Jeram Tanduk. Jeram in Bahasa Malaysia means rapids.

I spotted this poor buffalo being held in captivity (maybe to be slaughtered later). The human master cleverly lodge the buffalo's head in between two poles to restrain it from wandering around. So friends, please value the freedom that we have for if not when someone puts our head between the two poles we will be like the buffalo!

This is how the road looks like all the way. A lot of loose pebbles too and not to mention the uphills and some downhills.
Another signboard at a junction. Turning right goes to Jeram Tanduk and going straight goes to Jeram Kota. First to Jeram Tanduk ......

There are several of these Jerams around this area. Makes a canoeing trip interesting too.
A family was having picnic nearby when I arrived .
The boys even fabricated a Tarzan rope for them to swing around.

Next I proceeded to Jeram Kota. I believe they call this place Kota (Town) because there is a very good camp ground on a level piece of land.

On the river bank at Jeram Kota .

This area is a very good camp ground...flat, elevated from the river and there are steps going down the river too.The serenity at Jeram Kota. After Jeram Tanduk I rode another 2 Km to a timber camp. In some of my previous trips I had camped in the timber camp.
Having a chat with the two workers here.

From here I took a U turn and cycled another 15 km to Kg Air Puteh . Going back was more tiring!

Bike loaded up my old faithful. I have had a good workout! Anyone keen to join me for the next trip?

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