Friday, March 14, 2014

Celebrating my birthday in style...

 My birthday falls on 22 Feb. I had planned a two days hike at Gunong Cemerong somewhere in Ulu Dungun . I had trekked this trail several times and I enjoyed the terrain and the beautiful streams along the way. All my previous trips had been day trips but this trip I decided to camp at Langsir waterfall which is 2300 ft above sea level.
 The beauty of a overnight hike is you got to bring along all the essential camping equipments and food. Since this is not a survival trip we brought along most of the creature comforts.

Of course my hiking partner was non other than my brother in law Cheong. I am fortunate to have  him on most of my trips as he enjoys the outdoors tremendously too.

Crystal clear water flows along the streams by the side of the trail. Water is not a problem for this trail.

In fact we have too much water for it rained for most of the day!

Taman Bozai is just below the peak of Gunong Berumbun.

We reached Langsir waterfall by evening . Nowadays we don't sleep in tents anymore as we found the hammock to be more comfortable. No more worries about uneven grounds and snoring partner with smelly feet! We were inside our hammock by 1930 hrs. Cheong did not waterproof his bag so had to sleep with some wet clothes!. It was very cold and windy at night.

Next morning after a good meal of oats we broke camp and continued hiking towards Gunong Cemerong for the return trip home.
Even with his high tech winter gear, Cheong was having a sleepless night!

We had a meal of pasta in mushroom soup topped with tuna in olive oil for lunch.That makes a perfect birthday meal!

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