Saturday, February 8, 2014

Work on Catamaran again!

 Today is the first day at work again after a lapse of about 3 months due to the monsoon, floods , holiday season and the Chinese New Year. I uncovered the port hull today and cleaned it up (only one hull!). For the assembly I need to draw the waterline and use that as a datum. As usual, I spent several hours pondering over the plans again.
 According to the plan, at Station "0" the waterline is 300 mm up the nose and at Station "10" it is 40 mm below the transom. Using these as a guide I used a string to draw a line. This was then recchecked with the bulkhead measurements.

Using a marker pen a line is drawn following the string that is joined between the two points.

 Then a leveller is used to check the level of the line..The ground which the hulls are sitting on is not perfectly flat.

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