Friday, March 28, 2014

Fitting the Aft Decks

 The plan says Fit Aft Deck before fitting the cabin and cockpit otherwise access will be difficult! So before covering the deck I gave two coats of paint on the inside of the hull. I do not want to be squatting inside a confined space to do the paint job. Next 90 degrees metal joints are screwed on to the 2 by 1 stringers. This is to ensure good and strong joints.

This deck is made from a 6 mm marine ply. Several trial fittings were done to ensure perfect fit. Pieces of wood were added to the stringers to ensure perfect fit .

I had to crawl and "feel" any imperfections before glassing

 Biaxial matt and 600 gm CSM were used to join the deck to the side of the boat.

 Next a layer of 300 gm glass cloth was laminated with epoxy to the deck.

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  1. salam capt, brape harga beli marine ply? beli kt mana?