Saturday, January 11, 2014

Building a electric fence

 Of late the wild boars have been digging at my vegetable plot located behind my house.My Alsation dogs hates the sight and smell of the pigs. Usually the pigs come around mid night when I am sleeping soundly. Although I am licenced to shoot these pest I hate to do it in the middle of the night (illegal) and I do not want to loose a night's sleep slaughtering the animal.. A well learned friend was kind enough to teach me and loan to me a electric fence energiser to ward off the pigs.

A few kilos of 2 mm thick wires were used and these wires go through a PVC pipe which acts as an insulator. I fenced the whole perimeter of the backyard.

 Near the edge place where I hook up the fence energiser an iron pipe was driven about 2 ft into the ground and this acts as Grounding and Earth.

Ever since this perimeter wiring was built the pigs did not bother me anymore. The voltage from the wire is in the region is about 1000 Volts so the pigs must have been shocked!


  1. I hope you got avionics staff to install the fence in accordance with an approved design? ;-) Jim Strachan

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