Monday, September 3, 2012

Trimming the Hulls

The flat panels that were made were slightly bigger than what is required. After the hulls were completed the panels had to be trimmed. To trim the hulls a diamond cutter had to be used. In the earlier days I tried to use the jigsaw and it was a complete disaster. Every meter or so I had to change the blade.

I even had a student doing boat building in the university on vacation coming over. As usual he does not know anything outside the books so every little thing I have to teach and demo to him before he can do.No problem on is part of my contribution to society!
 The trimmed hulls looks very smart!


Next, the bulkheads had to be reenforced with wood.  This is to allow stringers to be placed on top of them and later the hull top is built. we can then jump and run over it.
I always run out of clamps . In boat building no matter how many clamps you own, you are always a few short!

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