Saturday, September 8, 2012

Helping Hands........

 I had a group of friends that came up over the weekend. We went trekking up Gunong Berembun. After the end of the trek we met up in my house and had a mini party. At the back of my mind I was thinking I should take this opportunity to roll the hulls of my catamaran to it's side so that I could apply more layers of glass to the bow of the hulls.This problem has been tickling me for a while.I tried to squeeze myself in but I cannot work. Tried looking for some smaller persons but they don't know what to do.The best alternative is to lay the hull on it's side and crawl in to work. This was recommended by some earlier builders and in fact it is also written in the plans.

After a good breakfast I took them to my boat shed and briefed them what needs to be done.
The idea is to roll the hull on it's side at the rate of 30 degrees per movement. I was the cheer leader and was giving the command for the movements. Actually the hulls are light but the more people I have the merrier! This picture is the first  tilt.
Now the second tilt..another 30 degrees.
And the final tilt. Easy does it.
Mirror mirror on the wall.....who has the fairest bum of them all...

Next I have to reposition the two completed beams to my garage to make space for me to work on the boat. This is where friend come in handy too...
  The beams are now safely secured in my garage and will be brought out for the final assembly of the catamaran.

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