Monday, September 17, 2012

Hiking up Gunong Nuang 4898 ft

My friends Martin Lee, Doc , Yeow and gang were training for their China Hiking trip in October. It was part of their fitness test for the trip. Since this trip coincided with my off days I took the opportunity to go down to KL for this trip and at the same time to pay a visit to our son Alwin at Monash Sunway. Gunong Nuang is the highest hill in Selangor. One can go up to the peak either from Ulu Langat or from Janda Baik. For our trip we started from Janda Baik

There was a heavy downpour when we arrived at our RV at the Mac Donald's restaurant in Genting Sempah. The twelve of us lingered around at the nearby food court while we waited for the rain to stop. Some of us were already making plans to proceed to Raub for a good makan ifthe rain does not stop by 1000hrs. Well the controllers upstairs decided that we should go hiking and the rain stopped at about 0830 rs. We then proceeded to our starting point at Janda Baik. The first river crossing was at the starting point so all of us wadded across the river barefooted and put on our shoes on the other side of the stream.

Doc, Yeow, ST Chan and Kok Meng were in high spirits at the starting point.

The trail started at a small vegetable farm. The track was wide and clear.

20 minutes later we arrived at an Orang Asli settlement.

We had a short rest here to wait for the slower trekkers to catch up.

Shirley and her family came along. She is a very fit climber.

Soon after the settlement the trail narrows down.

after about an hour of trekking we came to a waterfall. Here we had to take off our boots again to cross the river.

The rocks just below the summit

Hiking on a ridge before the rocks

And this is the view from the top of Gunong Nuang

Martin just before reaching the top.

At the summit another group from Raub arrived . They were using the trail from Ulu Langat so it was rather crowded at the who says it can be lonely at the top!

It was a good trip. At the end of the trip for being good patients who took the doctor's advice on doing more exercises we were given a treat by Doc at a good restaurant in Bukit Tinggi.