Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking my Dogs for a swim

I live next to the Chukai river in the swamps and I have a small boat which I can just push to the river when I in the mood for some fun on the water. My faithful dogs can almost read my mind all the time. They will happily wait for me to push the boat down. The dogs love to go for a swim. Even if I dont go in they will just disappear to the swamps and bark at the monkeys around.First they will hang on by the side of the river. They seemed to be looking at me and plead to get into the small boat. The answer is always NOOnce I am on the water they will swim around the boat. This is sort of a warm up for them. Normally they will bark excitedly as I paddle away.Seems to be saying "Hey wait for me lah"In a way I am very happy to have such a pair of faithful dogs. Nobody in my family likes to follow me to the river except for the dogs!

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