Friday, February 17, 2012

Building the Rudder Attachment Strong Point

It looked very confusing in the plans. I had to email the designer Richard woods for some clarifications. He was kind enough to send me a simplified drawing. The monsoon is almost over and we have been having some dry days. I started building my Gypsy again yesterday.
First the excess fibre that was deliberately made had to be trimmed off.
All the area had to be roughened so that epoxy binds the wood to the boat strongly.
Next the 3" by 1" hardwood had to be cut to size. The rudder hinges attaches through the transom and into these wood so that the pressure from the weight of the rudders are distributed over a wider area. The corners of the hard wood had to be rounded so that when a layer of cloth is applied over it less air bubbles are formed.It is hard work but I enjoy the torture! When building my catamaran my thought are almost always my thousand kilometers from where I am.Since the knee which is made from 9mm marine ply has some odd angles I had to use a cardboard to make a template so that it fits well.
After all the wood had been cut to size they are glued on to the transom using epoxy. Clamps are used to hold the wood in position and to give a better bond by applying pressure to the wood.
Done..all it needs now is a layer of 600/225 gm biaxial cloth.

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  1. hello Mr Wong,nice job and great work over your project.seems like both of us have something in common,boat lover and love torturing ourselve.keep it up,I'll be supervising your work.