Sunday, April 1, 2012

My thoughts when flying over the sea......

A lot of misinformed people when they come to know that I am an Offshore helicopter pilot would ask me if this is the most boring job in the world. I can tell you defintely the anwer is NO and I am in the position to say so because I have been flying offshore for more than 27 years. It is actually moments of boredom until something happens and as professional pilots we are always prepared for the unexpected.So this means that although our bodies looks relaxed but our minds are working every minute of the flight. I always ask questions and answer them myself in my thoughts. Basic questions are:
How is the weather ahead? Do I have to divert around any weather? Is it better to go lower or higher?
Who else is flying around me ? somewhere within a radius of 10 nm? However nowadays with TCAS2 we are very well informed on this matter.
What is the prevaling wind like? I want to be prepared so that in the unlikely event that I have to ditch I can point into wind. Are there any boats around me? Where was the last boat? Nice to know all these.
How is my machine humming along? Is it taking the right amount of fuel?
Does it smell right? Anything unusual? In flying one has to be very observant both in sight, smell and sound.
How are the passengers doing behind? Most of the time they sleep activity that I do not encourage. Your chances of survival isl esser if you are sleeping enroute and something bad happens.
ALWAYS.. I think of a diversion if something goes wrong. Have we passed the nearest rig? What about nearest airfield?

So the typically 3 hours flight I work FULL TIME mentally!


  1. Hi,
    I have read your blog this morning and wanted to thank you for sharing your ideas, actions and pictures with all of us. I really enjoyed reading about your various activities from canoeing, cycling, running to flying, farming and sailing. I am very much interested in your catamaran building project and would love to read and see more about it. Thanks a lot for posting.
    Greetings from Thailand

  2. Give me a few more years to catch up. For now, if the flight is really tedious, I am mostly thinking of Sundram's fish curry.

    And after the possibility of lunch at his stall has faded into oblivion, yes then I look down upon the sea and wonder if this would be the day I get my feet wet.

    As helicopter pilots, we will never be part of the idyllic brood of aviators who possess the "Pan Am" mentality as we know with religeous certainty that the machine we weild has no intention of remaining airborne.

    Pessimism has a throne in the kingdom of the eggbeaters.

  3. I have a height phobia, for that reason I choose to become a RC pilot instead!

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