Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meeting some young Malaysian Bicycle Tourist

One of my hashing kaki Pretty Boy told me he is expecting some friends from KL who would be riding bicycles to Dungun from Chukai and asked if I would join them. Since it was my day off from flying I said I would lead them to Kijal following the coastal kampong road.At the appointed time of 0630 hrs I met the group which consisted of two young men and three ladies. They came in all sorts of bikes ..from a folder to a genuine touring bike.I liked the way they loaded their bicycles. This bicycle has just gone round the country in 63 days and the young man in this picture was the cyclist.This is a properly equipped touring bike which the owner bought in China. He took the bike back to Malaysia and then did a 70 days cycling trip to Shanghai via Thailand and Loas. The bike looks good and it is inexpensive.So I lead the pack through the backlanes of Chukai town and crossed the bridge to the Kemaman Supply Base through Teluk Kalong and finally to Kijal beach. The ride was nice and quiet.In Kijal I took the group to a small village shop for Nasi Lemak and roti Chanai breakfast. I had to leave them on their own as I was expecting some government Safety Officer coming to do an inspection on my shop at 1030 hrs,

After we took this picture I sped off back to Chukai. I felt nice that at least there are SOME people in Malaysia who enjoys bicycle touring. Keep it up!

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  1. Thanks for the warm hospitality, if anytime you dropby KL, do let me know, we can cycle around this not-so-cool city,hahaha.My mobile: 019 2807879