Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Work inside the First Hull of my Gypsy Catamaran

Now that I have completed building the second hull (waiting to turn over) I started working on the insde of the first hull. Luckily I was adviced by the designer to add in the LAR keels later otherwise it will be more difficult to get in and out of the hull. I need two pair of ladders..one inside and one outside the hull.Each time I need to get something eg a saw or a piece of cloth I have to climb OUT and then climb in again. This is hard work and a lot of time is wasted. Now I have to cut the holes in the bulkhead so that it is possible to go across the hull.Then the bulkheads has to be glassed to the hull panels. Each time when there are dust or dirt created by the work I have to haul in a vacuum cleaner and get the area clean again.
With the bulkheads cut and trimmed I can get a "feel" of the spacious hull. There is full standing head room in the centre of the hull.

Glassing the 600/225 biaxial is hard work. I have to wear a gas mask to avoid breathing the smell of the polyester that is trapped in the hull. It makes work very fatigue. As this is the month of Ramadhan, my part timer is not around so it means more climbing in and out whe I am working alone.

This little fellow insist on coming inside the hull to be with me but it is not possible so she sits outside and makes a lot of noise!


  1. On my romany, I was lucky enough to be able to glass the bulkheads in when the hull was on its side in the forms. I imagine it being a whole lot more work getting everything you need into the hull the way you're working. I also just spent a lot of time inside my upright hulls for the first time this past weekend. It was a treat to get a feel for the space. I was also glad to have fitted the bunks while it was still hanging from the bar joist ceiling. That would be another tough job with the hulls upright. I also ran into the problem needing tools both outside and inside the hulls, so I started keeping them in a bucket hung from the ceiling at gunwale height. That way I can get to them if I'm either inside or outside...with no ceiling, I imagine a shelf of some kind would do the trick.

    I do enjoy seeing your progress. Thanks for the posts!


  2. Jeff,

    I enjoy following your blog too. Very informative.