Friday, September 30, 2011

Turning over the Second Hull

The second hull was actually completed sometime back but I was in no hurry to have it turned over as I was busy with the first hull.The opportunity to turn the hull came when I had a few workers coming over to paint my roof and to repair some section of the fence that had been damaged by the dogs.With the help of the three workers and another 3 friends I decided to get the hull rolled over. First I had to start removing the supports for the bulkheads.Removing the last few pieces of wood can be quite scarry as the hull can "move" slightly. If there were some external forces the hull can topple so removing the last two supports were risky and I decided that I have to do this dirty job.I briefed the workers and positioned three men on each side. I was to be the cheer leader from the front. Emergency procedures were briefed to the workers. You can get hurt if you don't follow my advice!I got them to lift the boat off the ground initially just to see how light it was. Indedd it was not too heavy!Now..on my command roll the hull to my right. Steady...Ok ..Ok start rolling. It is an easy take a short rest. Already half done..These two big planks that support the hull will be put to good use in some parts of the boat later. It is strong and mature wood.

Now just a bit more. we have to get the hull upright. Easy does it again..Get ready...lift.. is quite easily done. My designer says he turned over the hull with just three persons. It can be done but will require more effort.

With the approaching monsoon in a few week's time there is not much that I can do on the boat except for the smaller bits and pieces. Now just one more problem. I don't know if the low loader can come over to my house to get the boat to the river.If not I will have to look for a site near the river to start my assembly in a few month's time.

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