Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Son Alwin scores 10 straight As.......

Well the SPM results are finally out and Alwin scored As for all the subject that he took.He had always been in a take it easy mode so I don't know if it was luck or effort or just pure intelligence!
But one thing is for sure..he spends a lot of his time playing Warcraft online. I bet he must be a General by now with all the hours in front of the screen.
See he is so happy that he thinks he can fly.

However it will take him many more years to be in the left seat of a flying machine. Right now he is in taylor's College doing his South Australian Matriculations after which he wants to do Chemcal engineering as his first degree. Hopefully he can get a scholarship to do his course overseas

As you can see from this video, his mother laughed the loudest!

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