Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I gave RM 50,000 ......

Yes..I gave RM 50,000 to my son and his cousin last year. They were 16 and 17 years old . No it was not real money but was VIRTUAL money. They can do anything they like with the money and whatever profit they make will be rewarded to them as REAL MONEY. Some suggestions were they can invest in shares..let me know when and what price they buy and why, they can do trading (maybe online through Mudah.com), even buy real estate. It has to be a legal transaction (no Ah Long activities). All they have to do is advice me when they make any business transaction. The idea here is to cultivate their thinking habits sort of like a "Tactical exercise Without Troops" something which I did a lot in the military college years ago. It was also make them make money work for them instead of working for money which most people do. It has been a year already and the results are most disappointing! they had not made a single cent. the least they could have done is to park the money in the bank as fixed deposit and they could have earned at least RM 1500 at a 3% interest. Well it looks like if they do not want to be rich in life. Maybe it is too easy to join the rat race by working hard and run the threadmill.


  1. The idea was very innovative and may yet work. Its a model that many parents could try. If nothing else, acts as a vocational test which can tell parents and kids alike, where talents may or mayn't be.

  2. I like the idea. Thanks. A virtual money that they can train and make real money in real world.

  3. How I wish that my parents would give me that much money to start my investment with!