Sunday, April 17, 2011

Turning the First Hull Over

For the catamaran homebuilder turning over the hull is a historic moment. It marks the completion of the hull exterior. The only work that needs to be done is the interior furniture which is normally wood works.
I had given my hull a two pot mixture International Polyurethane paint. The purpose of the paint is to hide off quite a bit of imperfections. Of course from a distance of 50 ft the hull looks reasonably fine but if you were to go near you can see all the scars!
But unfortunately there had been quite a lot of rain this year. Only the last two weeks that we see some drier weather.
The position of the low aspect ratio keels had to be marked on the bottom of the hull so that I don't have to struggle under the boat to mark it later on.

First of all the cabin had to be relocated to another part of the garden so that the hull can be inside the shed.

There were some workers in a nearby constructions and I also rope in my neighbours that runs a fish farm behind my house to help.

A total of 8 persons were required to carry the hull. As you can see from this photo, the hull looks big.

Now got to start working on the construction of the second hull. I hope to complete it in 6 week's time.


  1. Hello Mr. Wong, I was searching for info on the RMAF and I came across your blog.

    All the best with your catamaran!


  2. Would like to see you complete it in no time and take a ride then!