Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Hotel in Dili,Timor Leste

In Dili, I stay at The Timor Lodge. It is somewhat similar to some caravan parks in Australia. In fact the owner of this place is an Australian.This place was selected because it is only 5 min drive to Deli airport and about 10 mins to town(if there are no traffic jams)There is good security..The whole place is fenced up with double layered high fencing and the gates are closed all the time.Security guards are posted at the entrance. Normally there are 2 guards at the gate while the rest patrols the property. So you can see how "safe" this place is. There are villas..these are the higher cost homestays.

If it is a hot day, there is a swimming pool in the hotel. Adjacent to the pool is the F and B outlet. Food here is pricey eg a large pizza is $13.50 USD.

For those on a budget, there are container rooms available, I think it cost about $30 USD for a no toilet room. One container has 5 rooms. Only the centre room has a bathroom attached

I have not visited their toilets yet so I cannot tell you if it is full of shit or very clean .

All the units are equiped with a satelleite antenna to recieve TV shows. It is perfectly legal here.

I am seated in front of my Villa. Looks like a low cost bungalow but my unit was actually the lodge owner's unit and he is away . We even have lovely fruit trees in the compound. Just cannot wait till it is ripe!

Here I am inside my Villa trying to get this blog through. Internet service here is BAD. It gets disconnected very often..almost to the point that we cannot work. In my office I have 4 different internet service provider to ensure that we get at least one working so we have to keep switching! Power failures are a everyday affair. Our hotel has its own diesel generators to keep things going (including the air conds!) is not too bad a life here

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