Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adding a Water Feature To My House

The designer of my house Yap Hock Seong has put in an air well in between the main house and the guest room. It was my intention to plant it with carpet grass but after 3 years and three attempts the grass still refuse to grow no matter what fertilisers I feed to them. The two Alsation dogs and my wife's Tsi Tsu dog are forever playing hide and seek and burrowing in this part of the house. It is now high time to renovate this portion of the house. Initial idea was to put in a composite wood deck with pebble wash along the perimeter of the rectangle. One thing leads to another and suddenly everyone agrees that a water feature will be the best bet for the location.
We were very lucky to get hold of a "sifu" (grand master) in building water features. He is Ah Sang, a very motivated tiler and holds high self esteem in his work. Work started on 30 Dec 2009. First, the floor had to be re leveled. Then the concrete base is made. All the parts of the wall that are in contact with water had to be water proofed with water proof cement. Old paint had to be scrapped off. That is a lot of hard physical work involved.

The basic shape of the pool is constructed with bricks. Here Ah sang (in short pants) is working with his partner Ah Leong.This small "pit" is made to accommodate the wooden deck made from composite wood. The top of the deck is made level and the bottom of the floor made to allow water to flow out through an outlet.Electricians had to be called into fix the new lights for "effect". By the second week the pool was ready and the leak checks were performed to all systems. If there had been any shoody work, it will show out now.By now the beautiful composite wood that had been pre cut arrived. Installation of the deck was as per the instructions provided.It is almost ready now. just add in the feature plants and the carp.

It looks cool at night with the lights working overtime. Now I hope my dogs do not discover the joy of swimming in the pool. It is ok for them to quench their thirst but my Mata is a good fisherman a swell...esp for big gold fish!
See..both the builders looked very satisfied with their work. Of course we are happy as well and would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who wants to get a pool done in their house.

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