Friday, January 1, 2010

Growing Grapes in Kemaman

When we mention grapes we always visualise that they are grown in some Mediterranean countries. Very few people know that it is possible to grow grapes in our country. I have a friend Soffian a retiree who stays in a hobby farm near to Kemaman and he has been successfully growing grapes for the last few years. Of course growing these grapes are not commercially viable but it does add some sense of excitements when visitors see bunches of grapes hanging down. And he has never bought any grapes since growing his own.

Soffian takes great pride in explaining the cultivation of grapes in Malaysia.
He grows the grape under a plastic shelter and has a drip watering system.I think he told me that the species of grapes grown is the Isabella variety. Don't these bunches of grapes look tempting?
As for the taste you got to ask this sweet looking girl. She seems to be comparing these grapes with the Australian variety!
Besides grapes he plants a whole lot of other vegetables and fruits. His durians are also very good.

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