Saturday, August 13, 2016


A lot of my friends suddenly find me all over the place. Some thought I had retired or I had quit flying. I had to explain to them that the model of helicopter that I fly, EC225 LP had been grounded all over the world by the EASA . This includes the military (our Air Force uses the same variant). There was a serious accident near Bergen in Norway on April 29 2016 . This was a very bad accident in which the rotors seperated with the aircraft and all the 13 occupants of the ill fated helicopter were killed

This is the link which reported the news:

EC 225 Helicopter crash in Norway

The whole rotor head and blades were found seperated from the aircraft!

Someone had actually video flimed the accident. Follow the link below:

Rotor blades flying Off

So here we are waiting for the helicopter to be declared fit to fly again! This might take sometime and has serious consequences in the company!


  1. Kapan dilamjutkan kembali Capt pembuatan Gipsy Catamaran ?
    Luar biasa anda kerjakan sendiri dari beberapa tahun yang lalu.

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