Thursday, August 11, 2016


Every since I started building the catamaran my main concern was getting the mast for the boat. Buying a new one would be out of the question as the cost of transportation to Malaysia would be very high. I had been going around the yacht clubs keeping an eye open all the time. Also I pass the word around to all my yachtie friends and also companies dealing with leisure boats.The answer had always been negative so at one stage I was seriously considering launching the boat as a power boat. Someone suggested building a wooden mast but I think an aluminium one is best.

I got a call two weeks ago that Martin who owns a yacht repairing company in Pulau Indah has found a mast for me. The aluminium mast is 11 meters long, just 0.5 meters short of what I need but I think it will do. Yesterday I drove about 350 km from Chukai to Pulau Indah to inspect my prize catch. I was happy with what I saw and a deal was made.

The mast was in perfect shape. Anodised aluminium but since most of the gold colour is off I requested for a coat of PU paint.

It comes complete with roller furlings which was in excellent shape too.

 The boom looks good too. I am happy

 The winch which was not included in the deal looks like it can be salvaged. It is not jammed and is clicking!

I got hold of a worker and with a blow torch he got both the winches off for me. Paid him some pocket money and he seems very happy.

Mr Richard Woods then designer, when he built the Gypsy 28 catamaran managed to pick up his riggings for a mere 50 quids at a boatyard jumble sale. I paid much much more than that!!!


  1. Happy CNY capt Wong...bestest regards

  2. Congratulatipns on finding a suitable rig for your Gypsy catamaran. I am also building a Gypsy here in Vermont, USA.