Sunday, June 21, 2015

Discovering a few pieces of rotten wood !

 The cuddy had been completed about 4 years ago. Due to it's size it was shifted out of the tent and wrapped with canvas. That should be quite safe, I think!. Recently when I inspected the cuddy I noticed that there were a few pieces of 2 inch by 1 inch that had rotted. It felt sofy and I could tear the wood like in this picture

A rescue plan was put into place. I had the whole cuddy inspected and removed several pieces of wood that were rotted. Maybe rain water had seeped in but the wood were glassed with epoxy and glass cloth. The next logical explanation from my timber merchant friend was the few pieces of wood that rotted had been cut from near the bark of the tree and as such it is vulnerable to rotting. It proves that my experience in selecting the meranti wood had not been good!


Because the boat had been built strong and well when the damaged wood had to be removed some of the plywood came out with it!

I cut away most of the plywood leaving only the structures . Another piece of marine ply will be laid on top of this.

  New pieces of 2 inch by 1 inch wood were used to replace the bad wood. I need to be more careful in selecting wood in future!


  1. I have always answered your emails, it seems that mine are not getting to you, but strange as we have emailed each other many times in the past. Have you checked your spam folder?

  2. This is the last email I sent you:


    I was sorry to hear about the rot, I don't understand it either apart from bad wood

    To replace plywood with glass you will need to use foam as well to make it stiff enough.

    4 x 600g is stiff by itself for small areas, but bigger will need to be 600g glass each side of 12mm foam

    Have you considered making a wood mast?

    I would mount the engine in the centre of the cockpit, as on the sailing version. Otherwise you will have problems making a new mount when in the water. Having it in the cockpit is better when motoring, having it on the aft beam is better when sailing (something that applies to all catamarans of course). And I assume you will have rudders

    A 8 or 9.9hp is enough on a Gypsy, so 15 is plenty of power

  3. Mate thats a bummer, but better to find it now and not later.

  4. Mate thats a bummer, but better to find it now and not later.