Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cycling Up Fraser's Hill by small Folding Bike

 I had a free day to mess around in KL as I had to attend my brother in law Lum's birthday dinner. with that in mind I got hold of my old scout mate Min Chee for a ride up Fraser's hill. I had done the trip several times but this is the first time I am going up with a 20 inch folder, the Tern CF 7i. My RV with Min Chee was at 0630 hrs at the petrol station at Kayu Ara. I woke up early to cycle the few kms to the station.
 Min Chee has an old tank , the Volvo T5 station wagon to take us to Chiling waterfall where we commenced our cycling.
 Min Chee is several years older than me and had been a national swimmer in his school days. He IS very fit with all his hashing, bashing and cycling.
 With only 7 speed internal gears, it was more demanding to ride up....but not impossible!
 The real test is the 8 km stretch from the Gap up to Fraser'Hill as the road gradient is quite steep.
 Just at the gate of Fraser's Hill I met this group of bird watchers using vey sophiscated big camera to photograph a small bird!. I had to stop and waited for them to finish their clicking before continuing.

This eatery shop which serves simple food at the entrance to Fraser's Hill has been there since my school days. A hot glass of coffee is a must upon arrival.
Of course a mandatory picture here too.

I met my good sailing friend Cheong campervaning here on his VW Royal campervan.

The trip down was of course much easier and less challenging. Now I am looking forward for the next trip up !

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