Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shaping the Gypsy Rudders

  This year the Monsoon has been quite bad since October last year until now with the improvement in weather it is time for me to start building my catamaran again. To regain back the momentum, I started with the shaping of both the rudders. the rudders were shaped from a big piece of wood measuring 1100 mm by 300 mm. The wood that I had selected for the job is Balau hitam which is a all weather resistant wood.(same as those used for the main beams)
 First the shape of the rudder had to be drawn on the edge. I then used a planner to give it the basic shape
 It is quite a slow process as the wood is hard.


This is half done!
 A sander is used to give the final finish .And this is how it looks like when completed.  Now I have to do the same process all over again for the second rudder...the joy of catamaran building...always have to do twice the same work!
Now I have two identical rudders.

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