Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Building Bunks on the Left Hull

Next on my agenda is to build the bunks on the hull. The idea is to get as much work done inside the shaded shed before getting the hulls outside to be joined.

The interior of the hulls are still bare at this stage. these two hulls will eventually serve as my guest rooms. Now this will ensure maximum privacy for my guest.

As per the plan, 6 mm ply is used to make the bunks. The measurements had to be correctly measured before transferring onto the ply to be shaped. This is a tedious process as I will have to climb two ladders to get in and out of the hull. The first photo shows the ladders.

 It takes several trips in and out to get a good fit on the bunks

A layer of wood stain is applied onto the marine ply. It gives some protection and also looks good.

Here the bunks are ready. At the same time I applied a layer of white epoxy paint to the side of the hull. Notice the voluminous space for storage below the bunks

Actually it is quite spacious inside the hull. there is standing room in the middle of the hull.
 Next the side of the hull is cut to prepare for the insertion of the two beams.

 Now this beam entrance has been cut the left and right hull has been decided. Do you think this is a right hull or  a left hull?

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