Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My hulls are perfect!

Normally the hulls are covered with cheap canvas that I purchase from the hardware shop. However about 4 ft of both the hulls protrudes outside my canvas shed. This year has has been an exceptionally wet year and when there is a heavy rain with strong wind water leaks into the forward two compartments.

On a bad day water may even flow to the other compartments. I use this to check if my hulls are completely waterproof without any leaks. Both the hulls passed with flying colours!

Then comes the back breaking task of bailing out the water. Too little to set up a pump and too many squats and back bending to scoop out the water!

And when it is almost dry I will have to use a sponge to take the last drops away. The last few drops I usually leave it to the sun to dry it out. If I had left the hulls uncovered when I go flying and it rains, I will have to repeat the  exercise again! Thank god the dry weather period is here again!

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