Saturday, June 23, 2012

Becoming a Swiftlet Rancher

 My friend had been telling me that this business should be a viable one for retirement. ....Swiftlet Ranching. The crazy Chinese love to take the Bird;s nest as a health supplement. It was supposed to return your fountain of youth. These bird's nest are the collection of the saliva of the swiftlets. And it is VERY expensive. Notwanting to be left out of a lucrative money making chance, I built my first Swiftlet hotel in my orchard.
 The bird house was ready last April . Normally we check on a new birdhouse when it is about 6 months old and then when it reaches 1 year old.
 To attract the swiftlets to the house so that they build their nest in the bird house, recorded bird music has to be played . Although we cannot understand the music, the bird house sifus can know the various type of music
I think we must be playing the correct music as the birds have actually started to build their nest near the speakers.

And after a nice meal with good music they shit in the house! Like a good Boy Scout I was taught a lot about the bird shit today. No bullshitting but the bird experts know a lot from the bird shits.

The fathera nd mother birds are in this nest. Normally the nest is harvested once the birds fly away. The next time we come we will be harvesting some nest.


  1. OooK you got me in...what did you learn from the birdshit?

  2. Breaking even is RM 2K per kg for those who bought land to build the bird house! And you have your own land, probably your break-even point is RM1K per kilo?