Monday, August 2, 2010

We have got a litter of German Shepherd Puppies !

I have always thought that breeding quality pedigree dogs will be another form of passive income. After all I have a big compound and I do require the services of good guard dogs to deter undesirable elements from getting into our compound. I had been having Labrador Retrievers for many years but they are not guard dogs so I switched to German Shepherd the last few years. I found German Shepherd to be almost the perfect dog for the family. They are highly intelligent, loyal and obedient. Normally my dogs are gentle and socialise well. However , they can be very protective and in our absence very fierce!This is MATA our male dog . He is big, strong and friendly and also a very good guard dog. When our bitch CIKU was on heat last season, he was the hero and the champion for after several weeks we got a litter of beautiful puppies.On 7 July 2010, CIKu gave birth to a litter of 10 healthy puppies. I spoke to a professional dog breeder who had been my mentor on breeding dogs and he told me this is "beginner's luck"!. He told me it is extremely difficult to mate German Shepherds. I can vouch this for I had been trying to mate CIKU several times without success, each time paying a big sum of money. That is why I consider my dog MATA to be the champion! These puppies were very cute and I can see the big bones in them. This photo is taken at 2 days old .
At two weeks old these puppies are beginning to show their true colours..alert, intelligent and active.
Of course they still need their mother's protection. CIKU has been fiercely protective of her puppies. Even MATA gets bitten when he tries to get near the puppies.

However, CIKU does not mind anyone of us in the family to handle and play with her puppies.

This photograph is for CIKU's family album.

The puppies are offered for sale to good homes. Readers of my blog will get a discount if they quote my blog when coming to purchase a puppy. This is a chance for dog lovers to own a good dog with a long history of excellent temperaments and intelligence.


  1. You are a good breeder and not beginner's luck!
    Lovely puppies!

    By the way, I left my phone at KL home, I could be temporarily contacted at 019-9811683

  2. Congratulations! Can I come and see them?

  3. My husband is from Kemaman and would like to know is your puppy still available?

  4. Your Blog is very good... great

  5. I never had seen this type of blogs...Which contain this types of photographs..I really enjoyed reading this blog..