Friday, July 9, 2010

Durian Season Again!

The season for the King of the Fruits is on again. I have "sufficient" fruits in my orchard this year to feed me, my family and guest.The short cut to my farm is by crossing a big river. This man here, En Bakar has been helping me in my orchard since the time when I bought the land in 1986 (a blog on that later). From the river we have a make shift jetty very cleverly constructed the Kampong style so that we do not have to wade through the mud during low tides.

My orchard is located on the banks of the Kemaman River and I take pride to maintain a clean outdoor park atmosphere in my orchard. You can almost play golf in my orchard.Most of my friends who followed me to my orchard gets excited by the fruits hanging from the trees. If they are lucky, some fruits will drop when they are around and we can have a feast of fresh durians.These are some of the designer type durians that I have. The variety at the time when I planted was supposed be the best but nowadays there are a lot of other very good variety.Not bad for day number 1 of this year's season!Most of the time I do not go by boat but drive in so that I do not have to carry the load of fruits up and down the boat. Easier to just throw in the boot!Being the orchard owner also mean I am the chief coolie..I have to open the fruits to serve my guest but money cannot buy the happiness in me when I see them enjoying my fruits. The extra fruits are hygenically packed into plastic containers and deep frozen. In this way, even after a few months we can have some fresh durians. Also those in other parts of the world can taste some kampong grown organic durians when they come home! Just too bad that my Mat Salleh friends do not know how to enjoy durians. One of them told me eating durian is like eating custard in public lavotary!


  1. Your yellow pulp durian was very good as depicted in one of the photos. Thinking of it and seeing the photo here make one feel mouth watering!

  2. Good for you. My durian orchard of three or four trees in Puchong is problematic ...