Thursday, June 24, 2010

A trip to Rainbow Waterfall in Sg Lembing

My partner in crime Cheong is around and we decided to make a trip to Sg Lembing , an abandoned mining town. There are many natural attractions in this sleepy town so we decided to take along two bicycles and camping equipments. We started late and arrived sleepy Sg Lembing in time for a good dinner at the only Chinese restaurant in town. After dinner we decided to head towards the river to set up camp for the night. On reaching the end of the road towards the river we decided to set up camp for the night.Equipped with folding camp beds we had a very good night's rest. The air was cool (about 18C) and after some bullshitting around the campfire we dosed off.Next morning at dawn we heard distant sounds coming towards us. We quickly got up and there was an approaching truck. Without us knowing, we had camped in the middle of the road!. The trucks would just drive through the river to cross the other side. Upon enquiring from the truck driver we were told of the Rainbow waterfall which is just over an hour's drive away. We decided to look for a safe place to park my car and ride our bicycles to the waterfall.My car was parked near this river and we cooked a good breakfast so that we have energy for the ride.The simple meal of canned tuna, eggs and rice tasted very good in a place like this.The ride in was undulating and there were a lot of stones on the road. I was not equipped for a ride like this so I had to dismount and ride on many stony sections or when it gets too muddy. We were feasted with views like this so there is no complaints about the ride. After all this is not a race so we took it easy and enjoyed the ride.

At the end of the bicycle ride it was a hike up to the waterfall. We had to cross a stream and hike parallel to the stream. I believe during the rainy season the water level must be high.
The hike up took us about 45 minutes. On some parts we had to go through the slippery rocks.
The were a lot of good pools along the way for a dip and a spa massage nature's way.Soon from a distance we could get a glimpse of the waterfall.But before reaching we have more slippery rocks to climb.And this is how the waterfall looks like . We could not catch the rainbow as we were late but because of the spray of water hitting the rocks at a certain part of the morning a hugh rainbow could be seen across the waterfall.

The water droplets acts as a prism which refracts the light into its 7 colour spectrum.It was a good outing and weekend. As usual, not much money was spent for the trip. With fuel for the truck and food, possibly only RM 50 was spent.

We had consumed a lot of fresh air and oxygen but most important we had left nothing except our foot prints and took nothing except photographs for the trip. The place is still clean and relatively unspoilt and is worth a go.


  1. As always mate, you look for and find the real beauty of this great country. Our X-trail has been ordered, so before too many moons we can start as well.

  2. I brought my family to Sg Lembing town too in the recent school holidays break.

  3. Beautiful fresh air, being outdoor and tracking up to the waterfall is full of adventure. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.