Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Customer for my Caravan Park

Ok , first of all I do not own a caravan park(yet!) but I have a big garden that can accommodate one or two caravans. So if friends who have caravans/motor homes who happen to pass by they are welcome to use the facilities. free water and electricity is provided and they have maximum security with my two German shepherds guarding the area. One of my sailing friends, Cheong had just purchased a VW Royale and he decided to drop in for the night. This is his pride and joy.
However in the Malaysian environment it is too hot to stay inside his motor home without an air conditioner. This is the first time Cheong is using his motor home so I prepared for him a camp bed and mosquito net PLUS I had the adjourning guest room opened just in case he needed the room.

It turned out he had a pretty good night's rest in the camp bed and later moved in to his motor home in the early hours of the morning. He was still able to work with the free wi fi that I had provided. He is a stock broker so all he needs is his hand phone and internet connection.

I am quite impressed with the VW royale but I think it was designed with the cold weather in mind so I would rather build one that is more "tropicanised". maybe a teardrop trailer camper will be ideal here. Got to stop dreaming or I will never be able to finish my building my catamaran!

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