Friday, April 2, 2010

From the Pope to Jesus in East Timor by Folding Bike

Well, you can go from the Pope to Jesus by folding bike if you happen to be in Dili, East Timor. The statues are placed on the Western and Eastern side of the town along the coast so it is a scenic ride esp on a Sunday when there is less traffic. In Dili I stayed in Timor Lodge which is close to the Pope so I always ride up the hill to the statue.This will then be followed by a downhill ride to the coast. It is usually a very pleasant ride if one starts early enough. The sunrise is always so romantic.This rock here marks the Western boundary of the town. Beautiful coast line along the way.

Timor Hotel, one of the prominent landmarks in the centre of Dili town. See, other vehicles on the road.

This is to remind the public that sea crocodiles are present in the coastal water in Timor. So it is swim at your own risk!

A typical Timorese architecture just before arriving the statue of Jesus.
More statues along the beach. And this is the statue of Jesus Christ. The ride through and fro is just over 30 km. I did this route several times and the photos in the blog are from several trips.

On the return leg, I always try and buy some fish . This is the season for sardines and they are delicious if deep fried with chili and some salt.

The Dahon comes with a rear carrier and I have no problem hauling this fish home. The spanish mackeral in this photo cost me USD 30.00 which is quite expensive.
The Dahon curve is a great and versatile bike for trips like this. I had just sold the bike this evening to a keen cyclist and I hope the new owner will have as much fun as I had with the bike.

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