Friday, April 2, 2010

Evening Walks in Dili, East Timor

The highlight of the day in Dili is at 1715 hours. This is the time that if I do not go cycling I will go for my evening walks.
At first it was only Capt Binh and I who does the hill torture but slowly it has turned to a company event! Almost everyone (Everybody mean two Malaysian Pilots, Two Vietnamese pilots, Two Vietnamese Engineers and our Malaysian enginner) comes along for the walk..which is a good sign because I believe exercise keeps our body healthy and fit. Fit crew under me mean less trouble and less work!At the start of the trip all of us looks cheerful. Even the oldest in our group, LAE Cheng is in good mood. I must have played the pipes well to get the followers to come out and sweat!

High spirits on level road. The start of the climb. Still not bad as it is gradual and it is on good road.
Getting steeper now......Soon we reach a small church that was built like a cave.Then we have to climb about 365 steps..up up and up....This leads to a trail. At this point some of them might decide to put in the "reverse gear" and these two friends are quite good at it!There are many Crosses along the trail and this is the first one. Everyone was posed as a Cross for this picture.At the top of it we are rewarded with a good view of the airport and the Banda Sea.
More photos....And a few minutes of rest.After this it will be a kilometer of walk on the ridge of the hills.With Capt Binh a Vietnamese pilot.

The "highway" can be quite busy too with locals coming up the hill to collect firewood.

How can we complain about our walk when these people have to do the same trail but with a load on their head

The highest point on the trail is 880 ft as per my GPS readings. After that it is downhill all the way. Gotta be very careful because downhill is when people hurt themselves if they slip and fall!

For those of you who want to follow our trail on Google Earth, click to this file:

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    I'm based in Dili and that walk looks good. I tried to download the walk.kml file but I get a 404 error.