Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gypsy 28 catamaran building (Sept 2009)

The last few weeks I had been busy building the furnitures inside the cabin. It is not too difficult but I discovered that even though I am the son of a carpenter/furniture maker Ivcannot cut straight and square. This means a lot of time is spent fine tuning the squares. The inside of the cabin actually does not require to be glassed but I feel it looks and feels better so I have decided to glass the marine ply with 300 gm cloth and epoxy. The pieces are then glued together using epoxy. A lot of clamps are required when joining the pieces. I have in my pocession only 14 clamps of various sizes.Most nights I put in about an hour and a half after dinner and having fed my dogs. A rechargeable head lamp is a must at night. I try to avoid using the power tools as much as possible at night. I do most of the marking, measuring and planning at night.The actual cutting is normally done in day light..hopefully I can make a more accurate cut.This is the port side of the cuddy. It houses the cushioned seat which has a large storage space behind. These bits of furniture helps to strengthens the boat structurally. This is the starboard side of the cuddy. It is supposed to house the fridge and the cooker. However I may choose to put other items here. Notice the use of a long clamp to get a better joint between the pieces of wood. A car jack is also extremely useful as it can help to force the floorboard up slightly thus closing any gaps.For budding boat builders a good grinder is very important as it is being used almost on a daily basis. Most corners require a bit of fairing.The back of the cabin is being built here.It has to be framed using red meranti 2 in by 1 inch wood.The back of the cuddy is finally up. Now there is a" door" which I will have to use to enter the cabin.