Friday, September 4, 2009

A Cycling Trip To Kg Air Jerneh

Aha..another day OFF from flying. I have just purchased another Dahon Folding bike and it has not completed its 1000 km running in. I need to ascertain certain parameters for the bike..things like Vno (Velocity Normal ops), Vne (Velocity nver exceed), gear changing capabilities etc. I have also got to check any squeeking noise esp on hill climbs. With that in mind, I went for a 55 km riding circuit. Start from my house, go on main road to Kemasik, turn left to Air Jernih and from there go by the inland road to Kg Ibok and back home. I have my GPS logger with me and the route taken is downloaded to Google mapThe thing I like best about morning rides is the cool air and the natural misty conditions on the road. Just got to make sure that the rear red flashing light of the bike is on!This is my Dahon Cadenza 26 inch wheel folding bike. The bike is having a rest while the owner went inside the bush to answer a call of nature.The Cadenza is the 2009 model and has 16 speeds. My bike is fitted with slim road tyres but it can adapt easily to fat off road tyes.From Kemasik I made a right turn to Air Jernih.Immediately we have this snaky sign. It is cycling haven..winding and undulating road. The hills are not steep but just nice for a work out.This is the only photograph I took of myself. The camera was held in my right hand to capture this shot.Soon I arrived at Air Jerneh town. Actually it is just two rows of shop houses and it looks like a cowboy town. Along this row of shops is a coffee shop that sells good breakfast. There is no menu and patrons to the shop have to accept the chef's choice for the day!For today we have shredded chicken porridge with century egg. I had the porridge and a cup of coffee and it cost me RM4.10. Not bad..reasonably good food.HER restaurant serves excellent wild boar curry.It was one of our Hash House Harrier's favourite joint.After the coffee break, the journey continued inland to Kg Ibok.A traditional village house in Kg Ibok.I had always wanted to take a photo of the name of this shop.It has a very funny name. Translated in Chinese it literally means LEE FxxK LIM! What a name!
I was home before 1100 hrs and had a good rest before I comence the second part of my weekend...boat building.