Friday, August 22, 2014

Fitting the Mast Beam

 The mast beam supports the mast when the boat is ready. There are three portions of the beam  It also holds the central cuddy in it's position. When the cuddy was being built the central portion of the beam was built together.
First of all the position of the holes to be cut on the cuddy had to be carefully drawn. One left and one right rectangular hole to fit the beam had to be cut. The left and right section of the beam had to be able to slide through the holes. The side of the hulls had to be trimmed so that there is a perfect fitting of the beam inside and out.

By now I get to understand why the plan calls for "fit when assembling". This section joins the mast beam and the cuddy (the unpainted portion of the cuddy)

Glass joints are applied both on the inside and outside.

Of course there is a lot of preparation work to make the glassing operation a smooth one.

Picture shows the left mast beam resting on the hull and being glassed.
More glassing later on..this time attaching the beam to the hull. When the left side is completed, work starts all over again on the other hull. the beauty of constructing a catamaran. Always got to work twice!

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