Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Joining the cuddy to the cockpit

The heavy stuff now. manouvering and positioning the whole cuddy to be joined to the cockpit which had earlier been joined to the aft beam. Real heavy. Have to rely on simple since of using car jacks and metal rollers to position the cuddy.

 The cuddy were positioned on 44 gallon drums. I got this idea from the previous builders.

The cuddy had to be positioned that there are no gaps otherwise the epoxy will not stick. In my haste to do it fast i had to redo this process...Less haste more pace is very true!

 Strips of biaxial and 600 gm mats were readied for the job.

 First on the outer portion. Had to sand down the portions that needs to be glassed. This is the easy part.
 The back breaking part is at the bottom !
And the sides where I had to squeeze in to work! It is done now ..Just the cosmetics later on.