Friday, November 29, 2013

Building the mast beam and cockpit

It had been raining for the last wto months and we had the great floods in Kemaman. I startted building the mast beams and the cockpit for the Gypsy well before the rainy season.

There is a slight modification to the wood used. instead of 2 by 1 inch wood I elected to use 2 inch by 2 inch as I plan to use a long screw to hold the pieces together in addition to the epoxy used. On the centre between the 2 by 2 is a piece of 6 mm marine ply.

And on the outside on both sides the plan calls for 9 mm marine ply. Later a layer of epoxy and 300 gm cloth will be laminated on the beam

The cockpit module is built from 2 in by 1 inch frames and on top of it is 9 mm marine ply.

A layer of 300 gm cloth is laminated with epoxy on tyhe top of the cockpit. At the bottom it is painted with epoxy. Well the units are almost ready. I am still waiting for sunny days maybe in 3 week's time to take the units out to be assembled to the hulls and cuddy.

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