Sunday, September 8, 2013

Raising the Cuddy

Blame it on the fruit season. I had about 1500 of these lovely durian fruits hanging on the trees in my orchard. All my spare time is taken up collecting the fruits and shooting the monkeys and squirrels that try to steal the fruits. It has almost been a month that I had not done anything to the boat! the last job was to raise the cabin so that it can be attached to the hulls.
 The designer Richard Woods told me he raised the cuddy all by himself using car jacks So that is how I will be raising the hull...two inches at a time. Bricks and other supports were prepared to support the cuddy.

When sufficient height had been raised, a paint container is used to support the cuddy.

 I had called in the carpenter ah Ying to help me with the job. He had done many of such jobs in the line of his work.

When the height is raised above the height of the brick containers a big block of wood is used to support it. More bricks are then placed on top of the block of wood.

All the while I was praying for nothing to go wrong otherwise many hours of work is wasted.

However Ah Ying is very confident about this job. Nothing will go wrong according to him.

The cuddy is finally raised to the required level where oil drums can be placed underneath.
The final fine adjustment of the height and position will be done later. It took us about 90 minutes for the job. Another phase is done!

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