Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Aft Beam is joined

 After the "Big Job" of getting the two hulls level and square I am ready to glass the aft beam onto the hulls. this is real serious stuff as the hulls are held together with the beams. the beams are positioned on top of the saw horses that I had built earlier on. Blocks of wood and brick hold the beam high above the hull. The angle is then measured and cut.

 Strips of 200/225 biaxial matts and 600 gm CSM are cut and prepared. Epoxy is used throughout.

I had a part time helper for this job as I cannot carry the beam alone. As he had no experience I had to monitor all his work very closely. 


The saw horses were in position until 24 hrs later when the epoxy has hardened.

 The exterior part of the beam is also glassed.

 On the inside the 9 mm plywood knees were used to strenghten the beam attachment

After 24 hours, the saw horses were removed.

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