Sunday, June 2, 2013

Repositioning the Gypsy pieces

 The hulls had to be repositioned to a relatively flat surface for the final assembly of the pieces.. I had also liaised with the "future" crane driver so that the boat once completed can be craned out of the house. There were some construction workers just across my house and I managed to talk to their boss for the use of some muscles to lift the hulls and the cuddy to its new position.6 workers came and with a lot of shouting and cheering we managed to move the two hulls and the cuddy (the cuddy was blocking the way initially)
 Some smart guys says we needed straps to lift the hulls but  we substituted that with some ropes and a rubber hose.
 With the two hulls in position we took the aft beam and position it right at the back of the hulls.

The cuddy was then brought in to its new position. The reason why I had to place the cuddy here is that I have no maneuvering room once the beams are attached to the hulls. At this position I think I can use rollers to roll it forward and aft when needed to.

 I now have an empty nest! This boat shed id vacant! It is just like having grown out kids moving out of the house!. Next....preparing for the assembly!

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