Friday, December 14, 2012

Bicycle Tour in Holland (2nd day)

Next morning when I woke up breakfast was ready at my door at precisely 0800 hrs. It is breakfast in the room. While waiting for the sky to light up, i decided to take it easy in the room. Today the distance by bicycle path to Den Haag is about 40 km so it will be about 3 hours on the road.
It looks wet on the road as it had been raining. On closer inspection I saw that ice had been formed on the body of the car parked outside. No problem..the room here is cosy and the wi fi is fast. i will just drag on ...
Within the next hour I noticed it had started snowing and the streets were white just like Christmas morning! I know today is going to be a no cycling day.
I left the bed and breakfast at about 1100 hrs and cycled slowly towards the village train station. the streets were wet and it was very cols...possibly about 0 C so it is no fun to do a long ride.
The bicycles parked on the outside were collecting snow and ice.
Now do I look like a local Dutch man? This  is the train station and it cost me 3.5 Euro to go to Den Haag
Bicycles are the king of machines in Holland. Train or bus also no problem. just take it along.
After about 45 mins I reached Den Haag. Den Haag is famous because this is where the Queen stays. It is the third largest city in Holland so it is rather busy.

Using the GPS guidance  I cycled towards the Stayokay  Hostel in Den Haag.  Stayokay is nothing to shout about. I want it cheap so no complaints. But is is very CLEAN and everyone here is so friendly

 After checking in I decided to cycle around the town . it is still drizzling and is still very cold but I am not going to let the weather stop me from going out. First stop was to China Town to look for some roasted pork. Looking at the roasted pork and of course the 12 Euro price I decided to go for Dutch food again.The roasted pork will have to wait a few more days!

The commercial centre.

I was back in the room before 5 pm and I did not know what time I fell asleep. 

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  1. Why would someone who fables his own roast pork as world class want to buy roast pork in Holland??????? :P