Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wild Pig hunting with Crossbow

After I left the Air Force I found civilian life to be a bit dull. I always feel a little insecure without a weapon. One of the first thing to do is to buy a piece of land to be made to an orchard and apply for a gun. The process is a long one and in the meantime I came to know that crossbows can be used to hunt big game. this is the result of reading too much Sports afield and Outdoor Life! I got my first crossbow, a PSE Starfire and within a few days "connected" my first game in my farm which at that time was still jungle.

Actually to be honest there were quite a few of these animals going after the young banana trees that I had just planted. To play safe I made a small platform at the edge of my farm and put in some bait too. Being creatures of habit, they always go by the same path and come at about the same time so that makes life a little easy for me.

The fun from the shooting is only a few minutes but the work afterwards are many hours! In the end the meat gets distributed to friends. I will always get the bites from the ticks!. 

Sometimes I sell the meat to my fellow Mat Salleh pilot / engineer friends and when there is a party coming up I have to work a little harder. The older pilots those days gave me the nickname RAMBO WONG because of my mode of hunting.

I have many more stories on hunting with various weapons and means so stay tuned in!


  1. Crossbow hunting is becoming more and more popular these days as many states are opening up to the idea of using crossbows for small and big game hunting. Many older folks are finding that they don't have the strength they use to have hunting with a traditional/compound bow and are using crossbows to still enjoy the thrill of the hunt without losing any prestige out in the field.

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