Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Garden of Eden

Our house is located at the bank of the Chukai River in Kemaman. It is the local laws that there must be a buffer before the river and any house. This buffer belongs to the government. Since my house is the last house before the river, I had the previlege of using this land to grow some fruits and vegetables fo our own consumption. It had been designed so that our house is about 3 ft higher than the plot so that from the house compound we cannot see the vegetable plotI had several bunds of Kai Lan, Lettuce and Spinach ( sawi). I do not need to buy greens from the market for about 8 months every year. Those bright looking vegetables sold in the market are full of chemicals . Greens from my garden esp the letuce are normally eaten raw or just stir fried. Home grown greens do not have a bitter taste.I make my own compost to be used as plant food from the grass cutting of my gardenWe have several lime and lemon trees to provide us with all the sour contents of our cookingBananas trees that we grow are the gigi gajah variety which is almost extinct now. It looks something like the pisang montel and is very tasty.These star fruits are the honey variety but I have to compete with the squirrels to get the fruits. My Alsation dogs will scare the monkeys away but they don't seem to mind the univited squirrel guest!Five dragon fruit trees provide us with fresh juicy fruits that are full of anti oxidantsThe dragon fruit flowers are real nice.However when taking the fruits one got to be careful. My wife just got ""stung" by the tree! Ouch!!I have also discovered that by allowing the weeds to grow in between the veggies I can actually have worm free veggies. The worm maybe like the weed more than the veggies.I got to report this new discovery to the University Pertanian!


  1. Great stuff, YF! I don't have half as much luck with my attempt at veg - they either tease for a while & dry up or get hit by marauding macaques that have been somewhat displaced with the clearing of land for building.

    Presently hunting for bunga kantan (red gnger/torch ginger/etlingera elatior) roots to grow. Can't seem to find these for sale in SG at reasonable rates. If you can source them, I may just pop by Kemaman!

    Take care, old friend. WL.

  2. You have a great and 1st class home! I always enjoy the fruits and the natural food at your home.

    By the way, your house is also very convenient, after a tough ride or outing, there is a guest room that one could shower and get fresh again.

    Thumbs up to your house!

  3. Tq Martin.......bring your family over when they are around.