Sunday, June 26, 2011

Building The Second Hull

The thing about building a catamaran is that you have to make the hull two times. I am now in the process of building my second hull. With the mistakes that I learned from building the first hull building the second hull seems a bit easier and a lot faster.The second hull will have to be exactly the same shape as the first hull so I have to use the same bulkhead support as the first one. All the markers were already inm place from building the first one. The bulkheads were also made together whe I made them for the first hull.Even the screws were "used screws " removed from the first hull.By now I have a "part time" worker. He is Cik Wan who works as a postman by day and when I needed an extra hand at night I will call him in.Actually he knows nothing about boat building BUT he is willing to learn.Despite of all my other adventures it doesnt take me too long to come to this stage. Building the bow requires some patience as we have to "shape" and bend the flat panels . A sort of Stich and Glue method is used.

The nose had to be shaped with foam again. I am hoping to have the hull turn over in about 10 day's time when I have my days off from flying again.

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