Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gypsy Building Progress

Well, it is actually a NO PROGRESS report! Work on building my catamaran stopped towards the end of Oct 2010 when the monsoon started. At this stage the hull was almost ready to be turned over. The monsoon season is the time when it rains heavily and it is almost a daily affair. Somehow or rather it started about 2 weeks early this year. I am not prepared to have the hull turned over to collect all the rain water so the decision was to let it be as it is until March 2010.
The reasons as to why there had been no blogging last month is that I had been on the move..Nov/ Dec I was in France for my EC 225 helicopter ground school (see earlier posting). Then it was a family trip to Chiengmai, followed by flying conversion with a Eurocopter factor instructor on the new helicopter . ( I just don't understand why they are PAYING me so much to enjoy all these!)

The biggest culprit is that I travel with a new toy now..the Ipad which has no "holes" for me to download my pictures in the absence of a regular notebook/PC , Those of you who think you can survive only with an Ipad you will be disappointed!

I have just came back from a simulator training trip in France yesterday and YES I will be starting on building my cat again as the weather is much better now.


  1. Hull is looking really good. Only need another one and can start the really fun part!!

  2. The second hull should come up faster with the experience gained on the first hull. You will be one of those invited for the 'soft' launching of the cat